Cooperative Security in Europe under stress #TGK20

Under the motto “Cooperative security in confrontational times?” The Tiergarten Conference 2020 takes place from September 16-18. Unlike in previous years, this time the forums are exclusively online.

Cooperative security in times of confrontation

Wishful thinking or a must?

The Corona pandemic is posing some major challenges for international relations, already reeling as they were under the weight of parochial ways of thinking and polarisation before the outbreak. But this global crisis clearly underscores just how vital effective and trustworthy international cooperation really is for human security. Human lives could have been saved. Instead, a bitter realisation is starting to sink in that the window in international politics for urgently needed cooperative security is becoming ever smaller. Instead of growing cooperative security, humanity is witnessing cooperative security on the wane. The fatal reaffirmation of narrow national interests in the field of security policy is fomenting confrontation and uncertainty in the areas of nuclear and conventional arms, strategic balance, climate policy and migration. We are witnessing a resurgence of global rivalry between the great powers. The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung would like to discuss this and how Europe and the world can once again achieve more cooperative security at this year’s Tiergarten Conference. The event is being staged against the backdrop of the Cooperative Security Initiative.

Our Hashtag: #TGK20